All of our grilling woods are delivered to us daily by family farms and local foresters who have harvested sustainably, long before sustainable harvesting became the buzz word of the industry. It is not unusual to see loads of wild apple or black cherry or white cedar on homemade trailers behind the family SUV, or in a pickup, or farm truck. Many of our rural farms rely on our grilling business to augment their family income.

Because the quality of our wood is the backbone of our business, the wood that we use cannot be mechanically harvested. The wood must be clean, with bark intact, and fresh. This extra care in harvesting is one of the reasons why Flame Grilling Products have the best smoke and plank flavor on the market.

From our humble beginnings operating out of our family farmstead in Brooks, Maine; we now have a 30,000 sq ft production and distribution facility in Waldoboro, Maine.